Himesh Reshammiya turns 44

Himesh adds a year to his successful life

We wish Himesh a very Happy Birthday. He turns 44 today. Himesh was born on July 23, 1973.

He is one of the famous music director of Bollywood. He has tried his hands in many other fields than music. He did acting in many Bollywood films with fresh female faces.

He has faced low times for years in his life, and struggled in industry. He never give up and came out from tough times, and gained success. Now he is one the best music director and composer of the Indian film industry.

His music attracts and compels  the audience to rock the dance floor. The music and songs composed by Himesh Reshammiya are evergreen.

Himesh Reshammiya

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber adopt a baby girl from Latur in India

Sunny Leone family completes with the adoption of  a baby girl.

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted a baby girl. The baby comes from the city of Latur situated in Maharashtra.

The couple gave the name “Nisha Kaur Weber” to their baby, because the real name of Sunny is Karenjit Kaur Vohra, and Weber from her husband which they shared with Nisha.

Nisha is only twenty one months older. Internet is full of trolls about Sunny and Daniel’s baby girl. Because the child is totally opposite in skin color to her parents. Where the couple is fair and their girl is dark brown in color.  They both are very happy to start their family.

nisha kaur weber
Sunny and Daniel with daughter Nisha